Cavs VS Warriors.. Psh

So I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan but not by choice. I’m sure many of you woman out there can relate when I say I never used to watch sports until I met my boyfriend. My family is ALL about sports and whatnot. Almost ALL my cousins, girls or boys play sports. Then there’s me. Even my brother was good at any sport he played. Yet, I knew nothing about the sports world until I met my partner. Since we live together he’s gotten me into basketball. His team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Golden State Warriors are much better and skilled at the craft so sorry baby but the Cavs are losing the Championship! *boohoo* Today us their second round and they are still playing horrible. Kevin love does not make a difference in the team. I thought he was going to bring more game. J.R. Smith where did you go??? The first game as I recall he didn’t make a one ball. Curry and Thompson weren’t even needed to beat the Cavs. LIKE HELLO???? IS ANYONE PLAYING BECAUSE HOW BAD CAN THE CAVS BE? Btw’s YES my boyfriend heard me say all these things during the game. Anyways Golden State got their second win so yay! To them and Cavs the next game will be at your home so GET WITH THE GAME!


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