Rainy Days

Today has been a pretty regular day. Well.. my new regular because never in my life did I think this would be a regular day for me. My on and off bf of two years is on house arrest and I have to live with the man who raped him for six years of his life. My apartment couldn’t be our home anymore because when you are on house arrest you can’t leave the county. So I gave up my apt to live with him and his Step-dad/foster dad/ rapest /normal acting sicko. He is on house arrest because of his fault anyways. Crazy how he’s had a tough life and it only gets harder. Anyways, I was watching him work on his dreams. I never did that before with anyone. It comes so naturally and I hope his dream to be a rapper comes true. Might sound basic but I always wanted o be a dancer but because of my mom and society I didn’t. I had the chance if I wanted to because I was good. Too late for my dreams now though. I am only getting older and more than halfway done with school. I am glad to see him begin to work on his dream though. Hopefully, we can save up enough to move out in a month. I have been here for three weeks and I don’t know if I can be here any longer. I can’t leave him though. Only a few more months of probation and all this will be over. These are things no one else knows. My bf confides in me and I confide in him to an extent because he won’t understand me. He’s experienced more life than anyone I know. Through him I’ve learned to see things differently. My perspective, my way of thinking has changed. For the better..


4 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. bridgegirl93 says:

    Hey stranger, I don’t know you but maaan I can relate to everything in your bio.
    I also wanna say whatever i want but I don’t want anyone to know how weak I am Sometimes even if i know everyone is allowed to be weak at time.
    I don’t wanna take your time, all I wanna say is that I’m here for you my friend x

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