Woman this, woman that..

Ugh… I remember being 10 years old getting into trouble while my brother got away with everything. I remember turning 18 and still not able to sleep at a friends house. Correction, MY Best friends house which was DOWN the street. Literally,  a few blocks away. But my brother could sneak out, get caught sneaking girls in, and still sleepover a friends house. I’ve always been the “good child” because I listen and do as I’m told. I’ve rebelled a few times thinking if I’m like my brother maybe I’ll have more freedom. BIG HUGE FAIL. You want to know why????? Because I am a GIRL. I have a VAGINA and he has a fucking DICK. I tried moving out at 19 and that did not work for my mom. Even when I wanted to go away for college she hoped I wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong she wants the best for me and I know but damn, there were times it was a bit much. Then finally at 21 I moved out an entire 17 hours away. I was only able to do so because I left with my brother who BTW is 3 years younger than me. He got to move out as soon as he hit 18 no questions asked. It was only a couple hours away because he lived on campus but still point is he didn’t get any push back. He makes decisions and they stick. Anyways back to my main point *jajaja* sorry got completely sidetracked… but uhm.. yes, women! Why does everything happen to women? We catch all the vaginal infections just. Sexually active or not we still catch those infections just because out pH balance go out of wack, or if we wear tight clothes all the time, or even if we don’t eat right. Well I’ve had UTI’s and yeast infections and let me tell you they are the absolute worse!!! *inserts super angry emoji* I thought it was because I was Sexually active but nope. I got them even when I went months without sex (my bf and I were long distance at one point) but yeahp, drove me even crazier. It is so hard to go to word when you have your period and you are in constant pain because of your cramps right? Tuh… I take my period at work over any vaginal infection while I’m at work or anywhere really. It is the most uncomfortable thing EVER. I read online that dipping a tampon in a cup with half water and half hydrogen peroxide works. Well I’m desperate so I tried it. SHIT, THAT FUCKING SHIT BURNED LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! It did help though. It’s just my vagina was inflamed and sore. I also ate greek yogurt to help keep the good bacteria. I don’t feel the itching and burning so best believe I’ll be trying it again in a few hours. I’ll do more water this time. Why must we go through it all? Pregnancy deliveries, menopause, periods, infections, etc. Speaking about pregnancies I think I want a baby. I’m 10 days late. My bf told me last night he wants a baby. So I think we’re going to make it happen. There was a point where I thought there would be no hope due to the fact he grew up doing all kinds of drugs. He’s been clean and staying out of trouble because of the life he wants for himself and me. I hope he keeps it up. Kay, toodles..


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