Off my ass & Movin’

 When I stopped writing in June 2016 I hit rock bottom and then I came back up and now I’m about to hit rock bottom again.

 I’m in a completely different place than a little over a year ago. Now my bf and I have our own place. Our own home BUT there’s always a battle to fight. This past year since I lost wrote I got the opportunity to be a teacher and man how great it feels. Now I want children of my own. I prayed to have the gift of life and when I got it I lost my baby. I just two months I had a miscarriage. It hurt like he’ll physically but of course it hurt more mentally.  Not many know because to start off not many knew I was pregnant. I used to blame myself, then I blamed my bf, and now I’ve accepted it wasn’t the time. Anyways, that’s a blog for a different day .

 I’m back and I’m FIGHTING harder than EVER! My family now knows of the horrible situation my bf was in and how I had to go through with knowing that but now we’re working on putting it behind us. Cutting of the ties and just continue to progress. I am in college again for (drum roll please) …..

CERTIFIED MEDICAL ASSISTANT which I’m doing super good in. I’m still going to pursue Psychology just not now. God has other plans for muah. If he allows it I’ll graduate it March.. YAY!! Life’s not perfect but I’m getting through it. I haven’t made my rent BUT at least my car is paid off for the month. I have faith and I’ll be caught up with my bills. I’ve decided to get OFF my ASS AND GET MOVING!!
Xoxo, your curly sue 😘
p.s. peeped that I’m no longer Brookeitornot but that’s a story for a rainy day 😜

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